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First Announcement : "NLDB provides access to any biospecimen type (serum, plasma, fresh or frozen tissue, FFPE, CSF, etc.) and any specific associated data (clinical history, medical follow-up, etc.) in any disease" Second Announcement : "Seats are available for training in Biobanking, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF), molecular pathology techniques & molecular techniques" Please Contact : +91 9958368439, Email :

Material Transfer Agreement

This Agreement is entered into on the________of ________: BETWEEN:

  1. National Liver Disease Biobank (NLDB),(Custodian)


(“Recipient/Requesting/Collaborating Institution”).

1. Title of the project along with the funding agency &date of approval by Institutional Review Board (where applicable).

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Title of the project
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Funding Agency
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Date of approval(*)
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2- Name and address of the Institution where material is to be sent:
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3- Name and Quantity of Bio-materials to be transferred:
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4. Purpose and need of transfer of the mater Bio-material :
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5. Type of research/investigation to be carried out using the material:
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6. Adequate safety norms shall be observed during transit:
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7. Adequate safety norms shall be observed while working with the bio-material:
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8. Any other relevant information pertaining to this bio-material
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This transfer is governed bythe following conditions:

  1. The bio-material would not be used for any future commercialpurposes other than those stated in the project proposal.
  2. The requesting institution would be the only user of the bio-material.
  3. The bio-material would not be transferred to any otherperson/agency in any circumstances.
  4. No patent/intellectual property issues shall be filed on any productor process so developed withthis bio-material without the writtenconsent of the collaborating scientists.
  5. The requesting institution indemnifies the donor Institution from alldamages that may occur due to improper handling of the bio-material.
  6. The requesting institution will not attempt to identify and/or contact any of the donors or Data Subjects included in the Materials supplied.
  7. The requesting institution will comply with the Custodian’s procedure for withdrawal of donor and/or Data Subject consent, details of which are set out with the Custodian.
  8. The collaborating Institution shall provide a yearly report on theuse of bio-material.
  9. Mutual agreement on Non-disclosure agreement shall be signed by the collaborating scientist/PI/Authorized personnel.
  10. The Recipient Institution will ensure that any publication or presentation that is based (in whole or in part) on any Materials obtained from the Custodian will include the following acknowledgement:

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution to this [study/publication/presentation] made by National Liver Disease Biobank

  1. The Recipient Institution agrees that the title of the Study may be published on the Custodian’s website, together with a lay summary of the Recipient Institution’s work and the names of the institutions where such work is taking place. The Recipient Institution also agrees that, at the Custodian’s discretion and if requested, the name and contact details for the principal investigator in relation to the Study may also be provided.
  2. The present MTA shall remain in force for the duration of theresearch proposal and cannot be transferred/assigned to anyother Scientists or Institutions.
  3. All work in relation to the Materials will be carried out in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and approvals and any approvals required from a Research Ethics Committee.
Name of Principal Investigator
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