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First Announcement : "NLDB provides access to any biospecimen type (serum, plasma, fresh or frozen tissue, FFPE, CSF, etc.) and any specific associated data (clinical history, medical follow-up, etc.) in any disease" Second Announcement : "Seats are available for training in Biobanking, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF), molecular pathology techniques & molecular techniques" Please Contact : +91 9958368439, Email :

Why Collaborate With Us

  1. First National Liver Disease Bio bank of India supported by Department of Bio Technology (Govt. of India)
  1. World-class bio-bank with extensive clinical sample diversity
  1. High quality of biosamples 
  1. Rich associated follow up, medical data to enable Translational Research 
  1. Well equipped research laboratories and highly qualified staff to support researchers 

Interested in R&D collaborations or do you want to utilize our biobanking services? 

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